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Lions Mane: The #1 supplement for your brain

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

Have you also been looking for the food that really improves your brain for years? At least I did, and it's finally been found. I will tell you about it in this blog by listing all current scientific insights about it. And they are very promising, I can already tell you.

What is Lion's mane

The name is in any case not inferior to the function of the product. The lion's mane is a mushroom shaped like the mane of a healthy male lion. The effect of this mushroom is just as powerful as the name. It contains two wonderful, almost magical substances with the difficult names of hericones and erinacines. Read on to find out how these substances can make your working day, exam or whatever you want to achieve a success.

Health benefits of Lion's mane

There are 9 expected health benefits of Lion's mane.

1. It protects against dementia 2. It relieves mild symptoms of depression and anxiety 3. It accelerates recovery from injuries to the nervous system 4. It protects against ulcers in the digestive tract 5. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease 6. It manages diabetes symptoms 7. It helps control cancer 8. It reduces inflammation and oxidative stress 9. It strengthens the immune system.

Benefits of Lions mane on your cognitive function

As is often the case with scientific research, research has been done on animals. In this study they used wild mice. Two different groups were formed, one group receiving dextrin (derived from starch) for two months and the other group receiving lion's mane. This showed that the brain of the group that received the lion's mane received a significant boost. For example, they had improved memory and better recognition of objects. This improvement disappeared after they stopped giving lion's mane.

Now I hear you thinking, yes, those studies with animals are nice, but what about people? Similar results were found. For example, there is a Japanese study in which two groups were made and one group received the placebo form and the other group the 'real' lion's mane. After four weeks, the group with the lion's mane showed lower levels of irritation, stress and anxiety.

Another study from Japan (used here for a while) shows the same results. Men and women aged 50 to 80 years with a mild intellectual decline were studied. The group with the lion's mane had a clear improvement in cognitive functions. It is striking that after stopping the lion's mane, this improvement quickly disappeared.

What forms is lion's mane available in?

  • Capsules
  • Powder form
  • Coffee


Animal studies suggest that Lions mane and Lions mane extracts are safe for use, even at high doses. However, it is wise to be careful if you have a known mushroom allergy. In that case, the usage of Lions mane is advised to avoid.

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