Top 3 supplementen die je niet kent voor energie en afvallen K2 zink polyfynolen vezels
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Top 3 supplements you don't know about for energy and losing weight

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

The list of supplements on the body & fitshop is extremely long. Which one should you take and you will notice the effect and which supplements will not. We cannot discuss here all the supplements that will help you, otherwise the blog will become so large that it will have to be sent via wetransfer. We're going to discuss the supplements you probably haven't heard of. These supplements will help you become sharper, happier and, just like the goal of Dave Asprey, going to make you 180 years old in a healthy way. Here are the top 3 supplements that you do not know that will give you more energy and help you lose weight. Have fun with it.


Wouldn't it be great if coffee, tea, dark chocolate and red wine were healthy for you? It is. These are a few of the long list of products that contain polyphenols. Polyphenols is an antioxidant that protects your body from toxins. This ensures that your brain stays young (between your 30s and 70s your brain deteriorates by 50% and polyphenols will slow down these effects of aging). It also helps against prolonged inflammation (which makes you feel bloated). Finally, it is good for your heart, intestines and blood sugar level. Polyphenols are therefore in coffee, tea, cocoa, but also avocado and olives. But it's in such a small amount (e.g. you have to drink 3 bottles of red wine to get enough) that Asprey recommends supplementing with polyphenols. I recommend green tea extract pills.

Zinc + K2:

Wenston Price has gone into the wilderness. He was interested in nutrition and went to see how tribes ate that were cut off from the "civilized" world. For 8 years he started living among these tribes and he wrote a book about it. In his book, he describes that these tribes have far fewer health problems and stronger bones. He also noticed, as a former dentist, that these tribes had super healthy white teeth, while they never brush their teeth!!

Price found that this was because these tribes ingested much more of a substance that no one has ever talked about before. He called this substance Activator X and later it became K2 . For example, if you have weak bones or bad teeth, you have little zinc in those places, but a lot in other places. K2 ensures that zinc goes to the right places. In addition to being good for your bones and teeth, it helps to recover faster after a sports session. It is also good for your immune system.


Where normal carbohydrates are converted into simple sugars as quickly as possible, to be used as energy or belly fat filling, this does not happen with the fibers. Fiber actually slows down the entire digestion process. This ensures that the minerals and vitamins in your diet have more time to be absorbed into the body. As a side effect, this also ensures that you do not have a blood sugar peak after eating a (carbohydrate-rich) meal. Which is healthier for your body and prevents after dinner dips.

In addition, test groups that get more fiber eat on average less than the group that gets little fiber (because you are full for longer). It is also good for the bacteria in your stomach. Because we eat less and less foods with a lot of fiber (certain vegetables and certain nuts) and because those products also contain less fiber, we only eat 20 grams of fiber per day. This is far too little as the minimum for a healthy body is 40 grams. Psyllium Husk powder is how I get my fiber, but there are many different types of supplements.

Please with this list of the top 3 supplements you don't know about. Try one out. All these supplements are incredibly cheap to purchase and they will make you sharper, healthier and fitter. Read here more about supplements.