Vitamines in koffie, welke vitamines zitten er in koffie vitamine B complex B2 B5 B6 gezond
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Vitamins in coffee: these vitamins are in your daily pick me up

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

vitamines in koffie, kopje koffie van bovenaf


The Dutch are real coffee drinkers. Coffee is the most drunk beverage after water! On average, three or four cups of coffee are drunk per day. But are there any benefits to drinking coffee? What's in coffee? You may have already asked this yourself. We can state that coffee is a healthy product. Of course there is caffeine in it, but as you here can read, the right dose of caffeine is actually very healthy for you. But another thing that makes coffee healthy are the vitamins contained in coffee. In this blog we cover the topic; which vitamins are in coffee. There are a lot of these so let's get started.

Vitamines in koffie, medicijnendoosje vol met pillen

Vitamine B5

This essential vitamins helps your body convert fat and protein into usable energy. This indirectly ensures that you can set up that great sport session or productive day. You get about 6% of your daily recommended amount of this vitamin (RDA) per cup of coffee. Most Dutch people get enough of this vitamin B. In addition to coffee, it is also found in bread, legumes, milk, meat and many more products.

Vitamine B2

This one vitamins which can also be found in coffee (11% RDA per cup of coffee) has the same function as the vitamin B5. It is also in the same products as vitamin B5. The only difference is that the chance that you as a Dutch person have a shortage of this is a lot bigger. In the initial phase of such a deficiency, you notice small blisters in your mouth and on your tongue. It can cause inflammation in your nose and with a deficiency you will feel more tired than usual. That is why we have also added this vitamin to our Cupplement coffee.

Vitamine B3

In addition to that vitamin B3 also helps to create energy from food, it also supports the body in the production of fatty acids. It is in the same products as in B2 and B5. A cup of coffee contains 2% of your RDA of vitamin B3. The chance that you are deficient in this is very small, but this is the only vitamin B that is harmful when you get too much of it. So be careful with supplementing B3.

These are the different vitamins that are in coffee. In addition to these vitamins, there is also potassium and manganese in coffee. Finally, coffee is the most consumed western product with many antioxidants. Even more antioxidants than most fruits and vegetables. So if you drink too much of it, it is harmful, but if you drink less than three heads per day it is one of the healthiest drinks you can drink.

Do you want to know more about vitamins and how the absorption is in combination with coffee? Watch the video below in which this is explained.