Wanneer geen koffie drinken: Welke momenten geen koffie drinken ziek brak zwanger geen koffie pas op vermijden cortisol in de ochtend
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When not to drink coffee: What times not to drink coffee

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

As can be read in several blogs, a cup of coffee is often a healthy choice. But is that always the case? Is it good for everyone to drink coffee at all times? No. This blog discusses a number of moments that even we, as coffee fanatics, strongly advise against drinking coffee.

When do you not want to drink coffee

Comes the first when not to drink coffee moment. Something you certainly do not want is that certain substances you ingest will take over the tasks of biological processes that normally take place in the body. This can happen when every morning drink coffee right after you wake up. Normally your cortisol rises in the morning, so that you feel awake. Because coffee also raises your cortisol, coffee in the morning will take over this task and your body will produce less cortisol itself. So you feel tired and sleepy in the morning when you don't drink coffee, since your body produces less cortisol.

Besides not wanting to drink it when you wake up, you (logically) also don't want to drink it before going to sleep . Research indicates that ideally you should stop drinking coffee from 6 hours before going to bed.

When you sick or broke are. Coffee dehydrates you. When you are sick or brackish, water is the best medicine. Coffee therefore works the opposite and you can certainly avoid it. But it is important here that you also take the first tip into account, otherwise it will be very difficult to start up on a bad day.

Finally, when you pregnant are. There are two reasons why you should not drink coffee when you are pregnant. First, it increases the heart rate of the sweet baby in your belly. In addition, there are studies that indicate that drinking coffee during pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage. It is therefore recommended not to drink more than 200 milliliters of coffee per day when there is a small one in your stomach.