How did Cupplement originate

We are Florian (l) & Stefan (r), two friends who have known each other since elementary school. We both have a lifelong passion for sports, nutrition and actually a little bit for entrepreneurship. And let it be exactly those interests that come together at Cupplement. Since 2019, we have been toying with the idea of a functional coffee and for almost a year, alongside our studies, we researched every conceivable vitamin, superfood, mineral and of course coffee. Until we found our perfect blend and were ready to share this concept with you!

Start your day a little better each time.

Your morning largely determines the course of your day. So we are big fans of morning routines like cold showers, making the bed, meditating, exercising and of course: coffee! Small adjustments to your daily routines can make a big difference in the long run. And that's exactly what we're going for with Cupplement. A small upgrade to your favorite coffee moment to help you get the most out of your day.

Experimenting & learning

We often get asked: how did you come up with this idea? Well, actually quite simple. We experiment and learn from it. All products we release are products that we believe in 100% and have extensively tested ourselves (and have had tested by others). We study new superfoods & nootropics every day and only the very best end up in our coffee blends.

Why Cupplement?

We are a big fan of coffee. A natural energy drink rich in antioxidants. Yet we had the idea that there should be more than just caffeine that gives you more energy. So we ended up in the world of superfoods and guess what, superfoods and coffee are a really good combination!

Our guinea pigs

To make sure that our blends are 100% safe, all our products are tested by ourselves ;)

Our team has one thing in common, everyone always wants to be the first to try the newest blends. And with success, because we keep growing. So we can assure you that our coffee blends will make you feel 100% good ;)

Cupplement gives me an 1% extra gain that all top sporters are looking for

It's not just the great taste of Cupplement that I like, it is the added benefits I get from both the Immunity Blend as the Energy Focus blend.

David Harte Professional Hockey player

A good alternative for when you want to get some extra vitamins and minerals

It took some time to get used to the taste, because it is a bit different from regular coffee. Yet it tastes good and it is a good alternative for people who easily want to get some extra vitamins and minerals!

Michelle Vrij Dietician

I drink Cupplement every morning before I go to my workout

Since I am familiar with Cupplement I have been using the cups every day. I do this to supplement my vitamin needs in combination with the cup of coffee I already enjoy so much.

Stefan Boermans Professional beach volleyball player

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cupplement?

We are a company from Utrecht that sells coffee cups enriched with vitamins, minerals and superfoods. In addition, we sell keto products.

Are your products available in physical stores?

Yes, we are already in a number of physical stores and are expanding this more and more. At this moment we are in the Holland & Barrett, Spar, VKUS, Jumbo, and you can order our products through Gorillas.

What products does Cupplement offer?

Currently we offer coffee cups (coffee with added vitamins, minerals and superfoods), MCT oil, and a keto package.

How many cups of Cupplement coffee can I drink per day?

We recommend a consumption of 2 cups of coffee per day. This is mainly due to the amount of caffeine. This is the same for other coffees and therefore not product specific. If you drink an extra cup sometimes it can't hurt though. The added vitamins are water-soluble and if you get more than you need, your body simply won't use it and you'll pee it out. So it's not dangerous!

When is the best time to consume Cupplement coffee?

We would recommend the morning, to start your day with a lot of energy! But of course it's entirely up to you when you want to drink your cup of coffee. We would not recommend the evening, as the caffeine can make your sleep less efficient (and that's something we don't want).

Do the additives affect the taste?

The added vitamins and superfoods have a slightly bitter taste themselves, but because the added amounts in the coffee are low, this is not reflected in the taste of the coffee. This way you drink the coffee you are used to, but super healthy!

Do I get all the vitamins that are in the cup?

It varies per vitamin how much ends up in your cup of coffee. This fluctuates from 60% to 90%. We are working on optimizing this so that each cup contains exactly the right amount.