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MCT oil C8

Immerse yourself in the pure, concentrated energy of our Organic C8 MCT Oil - an optimal fuel source for body and mind. Our MCT oil is extracted from organic coconuts and is rich in caprylic acid (C8), a powerful medium-chain triglyceride known for its rapid conversion to ketones, providing a clean and long-lasting energy boost. This high-quality, organic composition ensures a pure and pure product, free of additives or artificial ingredients. Whether you follow a ketogenic lifestyle or are looking for a fast and efficient energy source, our Organic C8 MCT Oil is your key to improved mental clarity, increased endurance and overall metabolic support. Elevate your wellness journey with this premium, organic elixir and unlock the potential for peak performance and vitality.

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We are Florian (l) & Stefan (r), two friends who have known each other since primary school. We have both had a passion for sports, nutrition and actually a bit for entrepreneurship all our lives. And it is precisely those interests that come together at Cupplement.

Bulletproof coffee

Elevate your morning ritual with the invigorating power of Bulletproof Coffee enriched with MCT oil. Created to start your day with sustained energy and mental clarity, this blend combines high-quality coffee beans with the brain-boosting benefits of MCT oil, specifically focusing on caprylic acid (C8). With every sip you enjoy not only a flavorful cup, but also a performance-enhancing elixir designed to fuel your body and mind. The MCT oil in Bulletproof Coffee serves as a fast and efficient source of ketones, promoting increased focus, increased metabolism, and long-lasting satiety. Embrace the simplicity of upgrading your coffee routine to a higher standard of wellness with Bulletproof Coffee and MCT Oil – an exceptional combination for those seeking sustained energy and cognitive enhancement throughout the day.

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