Wat is Bulletproof koffie en hoe maak je het zelf? keto koffie recept hoe maak je het wat is het
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What is Bulletproof coffee and how do you make it yourself?

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

Dave Asprey is a mega successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur. He has set up several start-ups and he is also a biohacker. This means that he conducts research into how you can make the body perform as optimally as possible. He has written several books about this and he has also put a great product on the market. This product is for sale all over the world and I notice that more and more people know it, because it is called Bulletproof coffee. Read here what Bulletproof coffee is and how to make it.

Tony Robbins

The first time I encountered it was at a four-day seminar in London by Tony Robbins . One of the days Asprey came on stage and shared some biohack tips. After that you could try his drink in the hall. I had already had three days. Every day was fantastic, but lasted from 9 am to 2 am and then I had to go back to the hotel too. Despite so much vets I found it difficult to concentrate.

So after that presentation I walked to the hall and I was immediately offered a drink. I thought, why not, took a few sips of the greasy cup of coffee and immediately noticed the effect. After that I was extremely focused. Suddenly I had a lot of energy again and somehow felt happier.

This was 3 years ago and since then I drink that coffee weekly, or almost daily. For example, when I notice that I need an extra boost, I make a cup of Bulletproof coffee and then I know for sure that I can perform at my best for the rest of the day. When I tell someone about it, they often look at me crazy at first, but then try it and after the first sip they are often immediately hooked. This is because you notice the effect 5 minutes after drinking your coffee and this effect lasts all day.

What is bulet-proof coffee

What is Bulletproof coffee then? It's very simple. It is namely coconut oil with coffee. You just buy the organic coconut oil in the supermarket, put a tablespoon of it in your cup and then put the coffee in it. The coconut oil melts and this gives a delicious creamy taste to the coffee.

The powerful effect of this coffee is of course due to the combination of caffeine with the MCT oil in the coconut oil. This ensures, among other things, that you get a big energy boost from the coffee, but this is long-lasting and less extreme, because the caffeine can be absorbed less quickly by the fats. As a result, you notice that you have more energy throughout the day and can focus better.

In addition, Bulletproof coffee also has an impact on your brain cells. In short, these can communicate more easily, allowing you to focus better and improve your mood.

In addition, the fats help support muscle growth by producing ketones. An extra production of ketones provides more growth hormone in your body and more energy. Finally, it is also very filling. This allows you to use it well as a meal replacement and you can lose weight.


In closing, I have one more caveat. A friend of mine had taken it for the first time at 10 PM and was awake until 2 AM because of this. Drink it in the morning, because it has a long-lasting effect that allows you to reap the benefits throughout the DAY (not night). Read here more about supplements for more energy.