MCT C8 olie
MCT C8 olie
MCT C8 olie
MCT C8 olie
MCT C8 olie
MCT C8 olie
MCT C8 olie
MCT C8 olie
MCT C8 olie
MCT C8 olie

MCT C8 oil

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Give your coffee an extra upgrade with our MCT C8 oil. MCT oil is extracted from sustainable coconut oil and helps you to perform optimally. For example, these fats are known for being a quick source of energy, satisfying your hunger and stimulating your brain activity.
Afvallen Energie Focus
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100% MCT C8 oil
Build up the use of MCT slowly, it may have a laxative laxative effect
Energy (kJoule) 3890kJ/900 Kcal - Fat 100 g (Saturated fatty acids 100 g) - Carbohydrates 0 g - Sugars 0 g - Protein 0 g - Salt 0 g

Get even more out of your coffee

Our coffee blends already contain the best vitamins and powerful superfoods. In addition, we have selected a number of coffee upgrades that will allow you to give your favorite coffee moment an extra upgrade.


MCT oil is known to be a quick source of energy.

Clear mind

There are several studies that show that MCT oil has a positive effect on your brain.

losing weight

MCT oil is a fat that can give you a saturated feeling, making you feel less hungry.


MCT olie staat erom bekend dat het een goede ondersteuning biedt aan je immuunsysteem.

About this product

Extracted from 100% coconut oil

Our MCT C8 oil is extracted from 100% natural, high quality coconut oil.

Palm oil free

Our MCT C8 oil is palm oil free

Keto proof

This MCT C8 oil is ideal for supplementing a keto diet.


Our MCT oil is completely gluten free

Mogelijke gevaren van MCT

Bouw het gebruiken van MCT olie rustig op. Begin met 1 theelepel per dag en neem niet meer dan 6 theelepels MCT olie per dag. Anders kan het mogelijke de volgende nadelige effecten hebben. Wanneer je één van deze nadelige gevolgen van MCT olie merkt stop direct met het gebruiken er van.

- Buikpijn en diarree

- Wanneer je het voor een langere tijd doet kan dit ook slecht zijn voor je hart en bloedvaten.

- Neem het niet als je een hoog cholestorol gehalte hebt.

Goed voor jou en de wereld

De kokosnoten worden lokaal en biologisch geteeld (in Duitsland). Ook wordt de MCT niet verpakt in een plastic, maar in een glazen fles. Beter voor het milieu en voor jou, want je wil natuurlijk niet dat er stukje plastic rond zwerven in je MCT.

Delicious coffee

Good quality coffee with a delicious taste.

Tested by third parties

All of our products are tested for quality and function.

100% Feel Good

Not feeling happy about your purchase? Always your money back.

Free Shipping

Always free shipping on orders over 40,-. Also in Belgium!

So interesting

MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglyceride, or medium chain fatty acids. These fatty acids are absorbed into your body faster than fats from, for example, butter. That is why MCT can be a quick source of energy.

Good for you and our world <3

Our MCT C8 oil is extracted from sustainable coconut oil and is packaged in a glass bottle. Plastic is cheaper, but that's already floating around the world enough, right?


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How to make: bulletproof koffie

Onze MCT olie wordt veel gebruikt om een keto proof vegan bulletproof koffie te maken.

Maar wanneer je een scheutje MCT olie in je koffie doet blijft het normaliter als een olievlek drijven. Daarom helpen we jou om er een heerlijk romige cappuccino van te maken door er een opschuimer bij te doen. Bekijk de video hier naast om erachter te komen hoe jij ook een heerlijk bulletproof koffie zelf kan maken.

Frequently asked questions

What is MCT oil?

MCT stands for 'medium chain triglycerides'. Our MCT is extracted from coconut oil. MCT provides fast and a lot of energy and is therefore ideal for long days of work, sports or study. You can add the MCT oil to your coffee to make a 'bulletproof' coffee. Bulletproof coffee fits into the ketogenic diet!

What does MCT oil taste like?

Our MCT oil has a
very neutral taste. This makes it ideal to use in your coffee or in other recipes!

How much MCT oil should I consume per day?

We recommend consuming 1 to 2
teaspoons per day. Build it up slowly and see what works best for you.

When is the best time to consume MCT oil?

You can consume MCT oil whenever you want. We recommend taking a dash of MCT oil
whenever you can use a bit of energy, for example before sports or during study/work.

How long can I use MCT oil?

As long as you like. Just be sure to check the expiration date indicated on the package.

What is the C8 shape?

C8 represents the length of the fatty acid chains in the oil. The C8 fatty acid chains have a base of eight carbon atoms. Of all different MCT fatty acids, this is the form that is absorbed fastest by your body and therefore releases its energy to your body the fastest!"

Is the MCT oil organic?
Is the MCT oil plant-based?

Yes, the MCT oil is completely plant-based.

Is the MCT oil gluten-free?

Yes, our MCT oil is completely gluten free.

What is your delivery time?

When you order before 2pm it will be shipped the same day, then it will take a maximum of two/three business days for you to get it!

What are the shipping costs?

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