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Achiever story: Florian Fermin

Team Cupplement
Team Cupplement

I'm Florian Fermin and this is my achiever story. I was the greatest chill student ever. I usually woke up around 11 a.m. I often opened my eyes and saw that I woke up on the couch of my garbage dump-like student house, with my bed 10 meters away. I woke up feeling broke and with a half-eaten pizza next to me. It smelled like rotten pizza, old beer and sweat. I stretched and looked at my phone and saw that it was already a quarter past 11 “fuck missed my first lecture, shall I go to the second?” This was more of a rhetorical question because I asked myself every week and the answer was always the same, no. I felt lousy and tired, luckily I still had just enough energy to grab the rest of my pizza and turn on the playstation.

My life was all about partying, drinking, chilling, gaming and I didn't do anything else. Until one day when everything changed. It was already towards the end of the school year and I found out that I was stuck in my first year of my studies because I had exactly 0 credits after half a year. That same week I walked into the clothing store where I worked as a side job. It was special that I got there as I didn't show up for most of my scheduled work days because I didn't feel like it that day, which sounded like a good reason too. I did go to work that day, even though it was two and a half hours later than my shift started.
I walked into the store and saw my manager already at the cash register looking at me with a look that did not exactly radiate happiness. I already felt something was wrong but I walked towards him and tried to keep my face tight. The manager was such a typical clothing store salesperson. He was in his early 30s. Always wore both a denim jacket and jeans, the pants were rolled up so high that you could just see all of his calves. He looked straight at me through his large round glasses with fake lenses and when I came within earshot he yelled across the shop “Florian, you're fired”. I could ask him why? but I already knew the reasons. I very regularly did not show up and when I did I was always at least 2 hours late. When I was there I always put on techno music and I would do a techno dance in front of the mirror to practice it for the festival season.
When I got home, it was just a party for the first two weeks, it felt like a big relief. No study because I had stayed put and now no more work for 6 months! Yay!! They could make a Disney movie about this fairy tale.
But after two weeks I started to get bored and out of boredom I started to think. To think why everything I did didn't go well and why I didn't like doing everything serious I did and therefore didn't do it right. After much thought I found out. I didn't like everything I did and that's why I never tried one hundred percent, not even the full 20 percent. Then I started thinking about what I liked to do and for a long time nothing came to mind.
Until a few days later I was texted by a friend. He wanted to start working out and since I had been fitness for years, he asked for a schedule and some tips. In the end, it took me three and a half hours to send him a schedule and six pages of tips about exercise and nutrition. The funny thing was that even though I didn't get paid for it, I really enjoyed doing it and wanted to do it again. Then I found out what my personal mission was. Helping others to become happier, healthier and more successfull.

Helping others to become happier, healthier and more successful

Since then I only do things that fall under the guise of helping others to become happier, healthier and more successful and I suddenly give more than 100% for everything. Suddenly I started reading self-development books. Between the ages of 20 and 25 I have read and listened to more than 200 self-development books. In addition, I started a study that contributes to the execution of my personal mission and then specialized in how I could reach so many people with my mission during my master. I give three training sessions a week in which I help students to be more successful and happier, for example training courses about sales, motivating yourself and telling stories (aah you think, now I understand why he can write such a nice story). Finally, I write a monthly blog and a newsletter, I have set up two startups.