We <3 the world

We think it is important that you can get the most out of your day today. But that you can still do this tomorrow, the day after and 10 years from now is just as important to us. We also like to be transparent, so below you'll find what we currently do to make our world a little better.


We use as little plastic as possible in all our packaging.

No aluminium

Our capsules are 100% free of aluminum.

Natural products

We use natural ingredients as much as possible

Minimal waste

We buy everything in small quantities to avoid waste.

Biodegradable coffee cups

All our coffee cups are biodegradable, so you can just throw them in your organic waste! They are then broken down naturally. We are also working on arranging even more sustainable coffee cups. You could even just throw these coffee cups in your garden, where they break down completely within a short time and provide your plants with healthy nutrients!

Rainforest Alliance

We are registered at the Rainforest Alliance. This means that our coffee complies with their quality marks. Their main criteria are protection of the rainforest and welfare of farmers, something we fully support! So you can drink our coffee with peace of mind.

Sustainable packaging

We take a responsible approach to plastic. Our coffee cups are therefore sold in cardboard boxes. Our MCT oil is also sold plastic-free. The bottle itself is made of glass, this is easy to recycle and a lot more sustainable than plastic! Our pour caps are made of aluminum and can be reused for a very long time. We also use cardboard shipping boxes and our packaging tape is also made of paper. That saves a lot of plastic!

As little food waste as possible

We make small purchases to avoid waste. All products that we cannot sell due to, for example, a packaging error, we give a second chance, for example through To Good To Go.

Help us do better

There is always room for improvement, especially when it comes to sustainability. We are continuously working on increasing sustainability when it comes to packaging or purchasing additives. But maybe you have a suggestion on how we can do it even better. We are always open to tips, sustainable advice or inspiration.

You can share it with us here.