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What is vitamin B1?

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

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We go back in time to the year 1785 when a Dutch ship sailed towards the then Dutch East Indies. On this ship was a medic named Christiaan Eijkman, who was fascinated from a young age about the effect of nutrition on certain diseases. During the trip, he was experimenting on chickens on board and made an interesting discovery. When chickens ate a lot of rice, they got the then common disease beriberi. This disease causes muscle paralysis. But what Christiaan would discover that day would make him world famous. He was testing bran, also known as the pericarp of several seeds. Much to his surprise and awe, this cured the beriberi chickens. He couldn't wait to come ashore so he could investigate further what made the difference in bran. Years later it was discovered that this was due to the high content of vitamins B1 in the bran.


Why vitamin B1?

Vitamin B1, also called Thiamine, is a necessary vitamin for the body that is indispensable for the energy supply. After Christiaan's invention, it was thought that this was the only vitamin B. There will be more later B vitamins discovers.

Vitamin B1 thus prevents the disease beriberi, but there are many more proven health benefits of getting enough vitamin B1. It's good for it hart, the nervous system and the brain. Vitamin B1 helps against depressionconcentration problems in amnesia. Finally, a deficiency of vitamin B1 can lead to fluid buildup in shortness of breath. Strange that one vitamin can prevent so many problems, right?


What is vitamin B1 in?

And what food does it contain? vitamins B1 then? It is mainly in grain products (like bran), potatoesmilkmeatvegetables in gist. People who drink a lot of alcohol or use drugs excessively are more likely to have a vitamin B1 deficiency. Fortunately, severe shortages almost no longer occur in the Western world. Slight shortages unfortunately still occur. Examples of target groups in which it unfortunately still sometimes occurs are alcoholics, women during pregnancy, people who exert themselves a lot and sick people. These small deficiencies can quickly lead to a poorer metabolism, which manifests itself in fatigue, concentration problems, irritability more quickly and in the extreme, even depression. So make sure you 0,8 mg of vitamin B1 per day to get the best out of yourself.