Cold brew hoe maken trend ijskoffie verschil lekker gezond
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Cold brew coffee, trend or here to stay?

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

Cold brew koffie, tijdelijke trend of hier om te blijven?

Cold brew coffee, you've probably seen it by now. This trend is already very popular in countries such as the US, but recently it has also been appearing more and more in Dutch supermarkets. For example, Albert Heijn released its latest smoothie last week, including cold brew coffee and charcoal. More and more online coffee retailers are joining this trend by including these types of products in their range.

But what exactly is this kind of coffee and how does it differ from, for example, iced coffee?

Cold brew coffee is unique in the way it is brewed. With iced coffee, the coffee is made using heat, this coffee is then cooled down again to get iced coffee. To make Cold brew coffee, ground coffee beans are mixed with cold water and then left to soak in a sealed container for about 12 to 24 hours. No heat is involved in this entire process, which ensures that no flavor and nutrients are lost. The result is a cold coffee that is a lot softer and sweeter in taste than the average coffee you are probably used to. This coffee is of course delicious to drink pure, but is also very tasty with a dash of (vegetable) milk.

In short, this is a coffee that takes a little more time and effort to brew. In the end, this is worth it, as it produces a very unique coffee taste. At Cupplement there are in any case huge fans of this coffee. If, after reading this story, you still crave a nice warm espresso or lungo, you can here your Cupplement cups quickly order!