Creatine monohydraat wat is het hoe werkt het bijwerkingen feiten en fabels creatine
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5 facts and myths about Creatine Monohydrate

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

Creatine helps strength athletes perform better

Fact, Your body produces creatine to use it for energy. Only this amount is rarely optimal. The amounts in food are also not enough to take this to the maximum. With supplementation, this stock is optimal. It is it first energy system that appeals to your body. After 30 seconds your body will switch to other energy systems. So it will help you in particular, for example, with that new one pr boxing for each other on the bench press, squat or deadlift. 


Creatine is harmful

Fable,  Fortunately this is not true. Creatine is a body's own substance. This means that your body is already producing the substance. What reason would your body have to produce a substance that is bad for it? Exactly, no reason. So don't worry about this. Products such as meat and fish also contain creatine in small amounts.  

Creatine provides more volume in the muscles

Fact, Creatine attracts moisture. Most users gain about 1 to 2 kilograms over time after using creatine. This is not direct muscle mass, but fluid that is attracted to the muscles. You will look bigger and therefore even less distinguishable from Arnold Schwarzenegger. 


Creatine works for everyone

Fable, Unfortunately this is not true. Creatine has no detectable effect in about 30% of users. This is mainly due to the amount of creatine that is already in your body and from which type of muscle fibers your muscles are made up. 

Creatine immediately works optimally

Fable, your body needs a so-called loading phase. Here it can build up the stock of creatine and the effect is optimal. The build-up can be done via a fast method in which you take 20 to 25 grams every day for 5 days or via the slow method in which you take 3 grams every day for 28 days. After this loading phase, it is sufficient to take 2 to 3 grams every day for optimal performance.  

Creatine powder

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