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The most sustainable coffee cups in the Netherlands

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

Aluminium Capsules

You've probably read a headline in the trend of Nespresso® capsules are destroying the world. We have also read that and started looking into it further. There appears to be truth behind this bold claim. Nespresso® aluminum capsules are a combination of plastic en aluminium. This combination makes it very tedious to recycle, because a lot of energy is needed to process this material. This often means that many of the capsules are not recycled, but mountains of used Nespresso® capsules are created. Fortunately, there are also people (including Cupplement) working on a solution by producing sustainable coffee cups.

Non Recyclable Cups

Nespresso® also thought it had found a solution to work on the sustainability of the capsules. A few years ago, Nespresso® started recycling the used capsules by collecting them itself. A great idea, but unfortunately it has not yet led to the desired result. This has a number of reasons. The biggest reason is that it turns out to be too easy to just throw the cups in the trash, you might recognize this. This is also the reason why Nespresso® do not want to say anything about the effectiveness of separating the capsules yourself.

Biodegradable coffee cups

Cupplement likes to contribute to a sustainable future. That's why we don't use aluminum capsules, but 100% biodegradable ones coffee capsules. These fantastic capsules are made from plant-based plastic (PLA). In our case, it is made from sugar from sugar cane and sugar beet. Because these durable coffee capsules do not contain aluminum or plastic, you can throw them at the organic waste. In this way, together we ensure less waste. That's great isn't it?