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Focus booster tips

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

Have you ever experienced during an exam, an important meeting or presentation that you notice that you are not sharp at all? That you have studied well, but that you suddenly have no answers to all the questions in the exam. Or that you are unable to speak your mind during a meeting. You are certainly not the only one, this happens to many people, but what can you do about it. How can you ensure that you can do this at times when you really want to burn. In this blog, 3 focus booster tips are shared. Three things you can do right before an important moment. A moment when you really need to be focused so that you are going to be and can rock the moment.

Tension on the muscles

Do you also love an extreme burning sensation in your muscles when you are doing biceps curls or calf raises? Delicious huh. Now the great thing is, although heavy training is very good for your body, light training, until getting a burning sensation in your muscles, turns out to be one of the top focus booster tips. Let me explain (small warning now it's going to get very technical, if you don't have focus then stop reading, or don't as this will help you focus better… aah you watch what you do).

When your muscles burn, a lot of lactic acid is released, which, if you let your muscles burn long enough, is converted into glucose. This process is the nitro from Need for speed for your brain, because this process improves your brain derived neuro factor and this provides a focus boost throughout the day. How can you make the most of this? The best way is by eccentric exercises. Here you focus on lowering a weight very slowly. Then quickly back up and then very controlled lowering it again. The lowering may take about 7 seconds here.

Bonus focus booster tips

If you want to go all out, have a sick focus after your workout. Plus rock the best meeting, presentation or exam ever you can also use the BFR technique to add. Tie off the muscles you train with the eccentric reps with elastics. This ensures that the lactic acid, which we talked about above, cannot get away and therefore more and more of it is produced. In addition to more focus, this also ensures extra muscle growth.

And if you really want to go over the top. Want to get the idea that you have been snorting coke because you have so much focus and energy. Then you can also combine this with drop sets (that you first do 10 kilos for 10 repetitions and then immediately take a lighter weight and do ten repetitions and repeat that again). This ensures that your muscles are full of the magical lactic substance that will give you that energy boost.

Drinking coffee

The second focus booster tip is very simple, drink coffee during the workout. In this blog was already explained why coffee before and after the workout is so good. Now it turns out that drinking coffee during the workout is also one of the bizarre focus booster tips. This is because the polyphenols in coffee stimulate autophagy (clean up old cells and proteins) and this activates the AMPK pathway. This in turn ensures that your body gets a long-lasting energy boost, just like exercising does. This ensures a win-win situation!

End with cardio

You did quiet reps with BFR bands, in dropset form while drinking coffee. Now the lactic acid (what it's all about) is in the muscles you just trained. Now you want to let it flow throughout your body and thus also get it to your brain. How can you best let something flow through your body, by moving. Do 5 to 10 minutes of cardio to finish it off. This way the lactic acid will also enter your brain and you will be full of energy and focus for the following hours.

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