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GFT as a sustainable source of energy and usable compost

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

As you may know, you can use the used coffee cups from Cupplement at throw the vegetable, fruit and garden waste. As a result, these biodegradable cups are less harmful to the environment. But what exactly happens when you throw the cups in the trash? And why is it more beneficial to throw your cups in the organic waste instead of throwing away the standard plastic cups? When the organic waste is collected from you, this waste is recycled by the municipality into favorable products: Compost and sustainable bio-gases that can be used as an energy source. Gft therefore serves as a sustainable source of energy.


During the dismantling of the GFT waste part of the waste is fermented. The waste turns into biogas and the rest is processed into compost. This is the vast majority of organic waste.

Compost is a mixture of the leftover waste that has not been processed to biogas. Due to the many organic substances that compost contains, it is easier for the soil to retain water and minerals. It protects the soil and its crops against soil diseases, ensures better root growth of the crops and even provides the plants with the necessary nutrients.

Because of these advantages, compost can be used for agriculture and horticulture, where it ensures a more fertile soil. So you help the farmers of our country to throw away the cups with the organic waste instead of in the trash!


About 1/3e part of the organic waste is digested and part of this is converted into biogas in so-called biogas installations. This biogas mainly consists of the gases CO2 and methane. The biogas can be used as a sustainable energy source for many households. It is a good alternative to the less sustainable energy source natural gas, which was the main source of energy for a very long time. So-called green gas can be made from the biogas. Biogas is a renewable energy source. When energy is extracted from this biogas, co2 is released. However, the same amount of co2 was required for the formation of this biogas. As a result, there are no extra co2 emissions. This makes biogas a sustainable energy source, which is seen as a very important energy source for the future.

Greenhouse effect

When you talk about the greenhouse effect, you naturally think of falling ice caps due to climate change and global warming. However, this is the 'extra' greenhouse effect. Without greenhouse gases, the heat from the sun would not be retained and life on this earth would not be possible. Greenhouse gases, or these biogases, are therefore essential for our existence. Of course, over time our energy use has increased so much that humans produced too many greenhouse gases, which has led to serious climate changes. By using biogas as an energy source, you avoid extra unnecessary co2 emissions and you counteract global warming.


For these reasons, it is wise to dispose of your used Cupplement cups with the organic waste. You help farmers achieve more successful production, and you contribute to the development of sustainable energy. As icing on the cake, it is cheaper for municipalities to compost and ferment separated waste. So it also saves you tax money when you deposit your cup with the organic waste!

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