Guarana gezond cafeïne koffie door je koffie bijwerkingen hoeveelheid
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The health benefits of Guarana

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

Guarana is a plant that grows in the Amazon region and is known as a rich source of caffeine, theophylline and antioxidants such as tanins. This makes this superfood a commonly used addition to energy drinks. But the combination with coffee is even more special… (read more quickly)

Guarana vs. coffee

Guarana grows like a red berry in the Amazon region of Brazil. In the Amazon regions, guarana has been used for centuries as an energy supplement because of the high caffeine content of these berries. For example, a Guarana berry contains 4 to 6 times more caffeine than coffee beans(!!) (source). No wonder this superfood is very popular. But in addition to caffeine, guarana is also rich in antioxidants, which means that this superfood is not only an energy booster, but can also have a positive influence on your health.

Guarana in your coffee?

Most people will know guarana as an energy supplement or as an addition to energy drinks. But guarana is also a very good match with coffee! Guarana naturally has a somewhat bitter taste and that taste is masked by the natural bitterness of coffee. As a result, guarana fits perfectly into the taste profile of your favorite cup of coffee without the taste of your cup of coffee deteriorating.

The fact that guarana tastes good in your coffee is of course nice. But what you probably want to read is what the benefits are for your performance. One of the studies that has been published has shown that guarana has a positive effect on your mental performance. For example, the intake of about 75 mg of guarana would make you in a better mood and that you can concentrate better ( source). In addition, the antioxidants in guarana are said to improve your blood flow, which can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease (source ).


Guarana is a natural source of caffeine, but so is coffee. Although coffee and guarana go well together, it is important to take the right ratio of coffee and guarana. Otherwise you run the risk of absorbing too much caffeine at once.