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5 tips for a successful keto diet

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

Have you just started or are you in a rut with the keto diet? Don't worry, these tips will help you further. We've scoured the internet, our friends and acquaintances to collect the best tips for you.

1. Meal prepping

Hey, isn't that for bodybuilders? No, it is also well applicable in the keto diet. On a quiet day, you can already prepare the meals and freeze them. After that one busy day you plop down on the couch. Cooking is no longer there, but home delivery? Oh wait, the keto meal is ready. Don't worry about that anymore.

2. Find a keto buddy

What could be more fun than taking on the keto challenge? Exactly, taking on the keto challenge together with your friend. Do you also have a nice stick behind the door. Do you have anyone in your area who is open to the keto diet? Search online for like-minded people. There are several facebook groups and forums. Inspiring stories are shared in this and that can get you out of that annoying rut.

3. Keep engrossed

By reading more about it and delving into it, it is easier to maintain motivation. You always come across new reasons. Furthermore, it gives a huge boost to keep developing yourself. Maybe you will become that real keto guru. Dream big, they say. In addition to the fact that it is of course extremely interesting to learn all about the lifestyle you aspire to.

4. Don't be too strict

Do you always go 100% for your goals? Do you always want to do what you do perfectly? Unfortunately, this is not always possible and we regularly overrun ourselves. In the long run, this backfires and you see a relapse. Be proud of yourself for what you have already achieved and pick it up again after you slack off (the world will not end). Be kind to yourself!

5. Order het keto< /strong> package

To support you in your keto transformation, we have put together a special package. This contains all the essential components for a 30 day keto diet challenge. The content consists of an e-book, 30 keto recipes, a 500 ml mct oil bottle (+ spout), keto coffee cups and hand frother (for a foam effect). In short, everything for a good boost in the keto diet!

Good luck! And if you have any tips, mail them to us at We are very curious.

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