Wanneer is het ketodieet voor jou? Wat is keto? Hoe ketogeen eten? Waarom keto koolhydraat arm eten gezondheidsvoordelen.
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When is the keto diet for you?

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

What is a keto diet?

Keto is a diet in which you eat as few carbohydrates as possible. The idea behind this is to get your body to switch to burning fat instead of using carbohydrates for energy. A small amount of carbohydrates may be eaten every day. For example, the carbohydrates from vegetables, and some types of berries with a low carbohydrate content. All products with sugars and products such as rice, bread and pasta are completely avoided in this diet. But is this keto diet healthy? A diet that mainly consists of fats and proteins? There is a group of people who are completely in favor of this diet and a group who don't like it. Despite being a complex topic with many divided opinions, Cupplement has the answer for you!

Background information

If we look at fat intake and overall health, a distinction can be made between different types of fat and its influence. Unsaturated and especially polyunsaturated fats positively influence the ratio between LDL (bad cholesterol) and HDL (good cholesterol). So your HDL goes up and your LDL goes down. This ensures a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and therefore better overall health. Saturated fats and especially trans fats do the opposite. In a good diet it is important not to get too much of this.


What is the variable whether the keto diet is feasible? The answer is: the amount you eat in a day! For example, are you a woman of 1.55 m with a sedentary profession who would like to lose weight? Then she can go ahead with a diet of 1500 calories. This is easily achievable with, for example, chicken or oily fish, nuts, seeds, eggs, cheese, avocado and lots of vegetables/salads (and berries). With the listed products you can easily put together a varied and healthy diet in the style of keto. This does not mean that keto is the only and best diet, there are plenty of other healthy options. But with this case, it is certainly not a bad idea to give keto a chance.

Are you a young man of 1.90m who does a lot of sport and exercise and wants to gain muscle mass, where you have to consume 3000 calories a day? Then keto may not be the best idea. Most people who do this in this way often also eat unhealthy products (such as excessive amounts of meat) in order to still get enough calories in a day. These 'unhealthy' products then cause an increased LDL cholesterol and an increased risk of long-term complications.


First of all, a diet depends on the person and there is no 'best diet'. So it's always just trying to see if something works for you.

Maintaining a keto diet in a healthy way, with a high daily calorie requirement, is not ideal. Nothing is impossible, but there is probably another diet that is easier to maintain and suits you better. If you have a low calorie requirement and would like to lose weight, the keto diet may be the diet you are looking for.

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