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Coffee with lemon to lose weight?

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

If you are a coffee fan who is active on TikTok, you have probably seen it pass by. People adding lemon juice to their coffee. We also tried it and in this blog we discuss our experience of how it tastes to drink coffee with lemon juice? Whether coffee with lemon helps to lose weight or that it is a magical cure for a hangover hangover? What coffee with lemon does to your vitamin intake? And whether other drinks with lemon, such as hot water or tea with lemon, might help you lose weight.

Coffee with lemon to lose weight?

Coffee is often associated with losing weight. A study shows that caffeine can increase your metabolism by up to 16% in the few hours after you have a cup of coffee. If you drink coffee when you are hungry, you probably also notice that this drink reduces the feeling of hunger. But the fact that lemon or the combination of lemon and coffee helps you lose weight is not proven. Lemon does nothing with your belly fat, unfortunately:(

There does appear to be a possible danger in combining lemon juice and a cup of coffee. Since they are both acidic products (lemon juice a bit more than coffee). This can cause nasty heartburn and damage your tooth enamel. To avoid this, many influencers on TikTok use instant coffee as it is less acidic. In our experience, lemon juice in a mug of instant coffee tastes a lot better than in a regular cup of coffee. It makes the coffee less bitter.

So whether another drink like tea or (hot) water with lemon will help you lose weight is, unfortunately, also no proof. In this case, the lemon does not add anything to the weight loss process. Of course a cup of tea or a glass of water will make you a little less hungry and it also stimulates your metabolism, but unfortunately lemon is not the magic ingredient that you can add to something to make it a weight loss drink.

A product that researchers are much more enthusiastic about when it comes to losing weight is MCT oil. People also do this through their coffee, for more info read here.

Coffee with lemon against a hangover?

Now that we have discussed why the answer to the title of this piece "Coffee with lemon to lose weight? " is no, we have another situation where this coffee might help. Namely, the situation where you have drunk too much one night and you wake up the next morning broke and with a headache. Does coffee with lemon help against a hangover?

According to research, lemon juice certainly seems to have a healing role here. It helps get rid of toxins and helps stabilise pH levels in the body. Unfortunately, coffee seems to be the culprit here. Coffee makes you urinate more often and reduces the fluid balance in your body. The low fluid level (due to the alcohol) was the reason why you felt so wasted. Coffee would only intensify that effect, so don't drink coffee when you have a hangover.

Coffee with lemon vitamin intake?

The vitamin C in lemon makes it easier for you to absorb other vitamins and minerals. So it is very good to get extra vitamin C when eating big meals or taking supplements. However, the amount of vitamin C in the small amount of lemon juice that you add to your coffee is probably too little for this effect. Coffee also reduces the amount of vitamin C you take in. So this combination will probably have little effect on your vitamin intake. We do recommend, however, that you drink a glass of water with plenty of lemon juice, or something else that contains vitamin C, with a large meal.