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Keto diet coffee

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

You've probably heard the word keto or ketogenic diet more often lately. It's a diet followed by Halle Berry, Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, and many others celebrities and normal people like you and me. When you follow this diet, you eat bizarrely few carbohydrates and replace them with fats. This causes your liver to produce ketones. Carbohydrates are then no longer the petrol drops in your body, but fats. A tough transition to go through, but when you get through it you notice that nothing can stop you. You feel sharper, more energetic, it helps your muscles grow and it helps you lose weight. But Cupplement wouldn't be Cupplement if it didn't investigate the effect of coffee on you when you're in keto and whether there might be possibilities how coffee can ensure that you make even more ketones. So that you can get the best out of yourself every day.

What is the function of coffee on ketogenic food

There is nothing in coffee that takes you out of a ketogenic state. It has no carbs in it, so if you don't add sugar or creamers, coffee is definitely a go. Ketogenic diet often goes together with fasting and even that combination is golden. There are only 2 calories in a cup of coffee, so you can't get that from your fast. But you can also level up by making keto coffee.

Keto coffee

There are several additives that you can put in your coffee. These additions will ensure that your coffee will produce even more ketones. This allows you to get into ketoses faster and you will experience more energy throughout the day. So much more that sometimes when I take a keto coffee like that, I have a hard time falling asleep at night. So do not take it too late in the day, but immediately when you wake up. Okay what can you put in your coffee to make it a keto coffee? A tablespoon

  • Butter
  • MCT oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Milk from nuts, like almond or macadamia milk
  • And to replace the sugar you can put monk fruit or stevia in it.

Cupplement originated from Bulletproof coffee, the great grandfather of keto coffee. Adding supplements to your coffee that help create ketones and give you more energy throughout the day. So if you don't want to buy all those products separately, try Cupplement now, a biodegradable coffee capsules to which superfoods and vitamins have been added.