Meer energie tijdens het thuiswerken? Doe een koffie nap! andenosine energie slapen power nap koffie drinken focus werk productief
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More energy while working from home? Have a coffee nap!

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

Working from home for those long, boring and difficult days is no fun for anyone. More and more people are experiencing fatigue while working from home due to Corona. There is a solution to give you that last push to finish your work. For more energy take a coffee nap!

How a coffee cup works

A combination between the well-known power nap and coffee. The coffee nap means that you quickly drink a coffee before a power nap. Drink your cup of coffee quickly, so you have a better chance of falling asleep before the caffeine has been absorbed into your blood. A by-product of brain activity is a molecule called adenosine. High levels of adenosine are the reason you feel tired. Caffeine settles on brain receptors where adenosine normally sits. This is why a coffee nap works better than a power nap. It is crucial that after coffee you have a 20 minute power nap does. For longer than 20 minutes, you sleep too deeply and the power nap no longer makes sense. After the coffee nap you are no longer tired and you have more energy. The ideal time is to have a coffee nap between 2 and 3 pm .

My experience

I tried it myself and my experience was impressive. This time I work a lot at home on my studies and sitting in front of your laptop all day is very boring and tiring. I started looking for a way to get more energy. After scouring Google I came across the phenomenon of the coffee nap. I was sold right away. Last Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock I dared myself for a coffee nap. I was tired, irritated, and had little energy. This is how I handled that day. Every Sunday morning I get up early to go for a run, so I often poop at the end of the afternoon. During the day I hadn't drunk caffeine and made my room as dark as possible. At 3 o'clock I went to bed, I had set my alarm and I immediately shot an espresso back. I was immediately gone and was woken up 20 minutes later by my alarm clock. I felt…

I wouldn't call it reborn, but I felt like it was morning and you're starting your day in good spirits. I got out of bed with more energy and this allowed me to concentrate on an essay I was working on.

Anyone who likes to drink coffee, is familiar with the power nap, has to work a lot from home, has little energy and is often tired, I can definitely recommend the coffee nap. I have now been able to experience it once, but I do not rule out that I will do it more often.

Tip of the Day

If you don't drink this coffee with a boring standard cup of coffee, but with our own Cupplement Energy/Focus Blend coffee, your fatigue will disappear like snow in the sun. The reason for this is that  Guarana is added to our coffee. Guarana ensures that caffeine is absorbed more slowly, so that you feel more focus and energy throughout the day. On top of that, it also contains MCT oil which gives a real energy boost after drinking it.

PS Be careful not to take a coffee nap too late in the day, because the caffeine can negatively affect your sleep.