Is koffie in de ochtend gezond en wat is de invloed op je productiviteit cafeïne koffie in de ochtend natuurlijke ritme
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Is morning coffee healthy and how does it affect your productivity?

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

In this blog we will talk about coffee as a morning ritual and its influence on your productivity during the day.

For many people, a cup of coffee in the morning is a daily routine that they will not easily skip. The caffeine present in the coffee makes you feel more energetic and extra productive during the day. In addition, research shows that the coffee drinking routine itself also has a positive influence on the productivity of the coffee drinker. In this blog we will discuss how caffeine and the coffee ritual affect your productivity.

Influence of Caffeine

That caffeine gives a feeling of extra energy is probably known to many people. But in addition to giving you extra energy, caffeine also has all kinds of positive effects on your brain functionality. This positively influences your mood and the caffeine ensures that you have better concentration. Research has shown that these effects are caused by caffeine revives tired brain cells and therefore allows them to communicate better with each other. Better brain functionality is already achieved after drinking a single cup of coffee! The functioning of your brain obviously has an effect on how productive you are during the day. Do you drink coffee every morning?

Is coffee in the morning healthy

Drinking coffee in the morning is a morning ritual that in itself has a positive influence on your productivity. Having a good morning ritual has a positive effect on your mood, energy level and performance during the day*. It can be good to expand your coffee ritual with other rituals such as getting up early, exercising or starting your day without social media. This way you become even more productive and you can get the most out of your day!

A cup of coffee as a morning ritual can therefore contribute to your productivity during the day in two ways. Haven't started the morning coffee ritual yet? Try it for 4 weeks and experience for yourself what effect this has on your productivity!