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The effect of coffee on vitamin absorption

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

Are you afraid that vitamins are absorbed less quickly when you combine this with a cup of coffee? So was I. There are several websites that say that you should never drink coffee during a meal, because coffee has a negative effect on vitamin absorption. But it is of course too easy to lump all vitamins together. Is it true that all vitamins are not absorbed when you drink a cup of coffee? We set out to find this out for you.

Water- and fat-soluble vitamins

You may know, but there are water- and fat-soluble vitamins. Fat soluble vitamins are digested in your stomach and are also stored there. Water soluble vitamins are digested in the small intestine and the surplus is not stored but passed out. To make a small excursion from the subject, the different ways of absorption also ensure that you can get a surplus of fat-soluble vitamins, which can also be harmful. This is not the case with water-soluble vitamins.

But now back to the topic.

Vitamins and caffeine

There are many aspects that affect the absorption of vitamins when you combine this with coffee, especially the caffeine in coffee and the form of the vitamin. Different vitamins therefore react differently to the coffee. < strong>Vitamin C is absorbed less well by the body when you take it at the same time as coffee. This is because they both bind to the same receptors in your stomach. Strangely enough, the function of B just strengthened by the collaboration with caffeine. There are also several B vitamins in coffee. This is a very good combination and is therefore also included in Cupplement. Finally, caffeine ensures that less of the vitamin D is absorbed by the body. So don't take a lemon or a piece of fish in combination with a cup of coffee, but rather a piece of meat or some nuts.