MCT-olie inname: De 2 optimale momenten (voor gewichtsverlies en sportprestaties) keto afvallen C8
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MCT oil intake: The 2 optimal moments (for weight loss and sports performance)

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

In the morning

In the blog about the health benefits you can read that MCT oil intake causes an increase of two hormones: leptin and peptide YY. Let this be the hormones that provide a saturated feeling. The more leptin and peptide YY your body produces, the less you will eat. Have you already made the link? If your MCT oil intake is in the morning, it will help you eat less for the rest of the day because you will feel more satisfied.

It is also very easy to take it in the morning. You can add it to your first cup of coffee or tea in the morning. If you have finished your first bakje then your first goal of the day has already been achieved and that bodes well for the rest of the day .

Before your workout (or other effort)

Sounds quite logical right? The internet is full of claims about more energy through MCT oil. Extra energy is very welcome and allows you to give that little bit extra for optimal performance and growth. But maybe you thought: “yes, that extra bit of energy is nice, but nowadays that is claimed about every product. This requires more explanation and I will then decide whether it is indeed the case”.

Here is the substantiated explanation: This has everything to do with the so-called lactate threshold. This is the threshold at which lactate (lactic acid) begins to accumulate in the bloodstream. This causes fatigue and poorer training performance. The more lactate in the bloodstream, the weaker the muscles, the higher the fatigue and the worse the breathing. It can even cause severe abdominal pain. If you suffer from abdominal pain the next time after an intense workout, you now know the culprit.

But now comes the super effect of MCT oil by taking it before the workout. MCT oil therefore causes an increase in the lactate threshold. Studies have shown that the lactate levels in the blood were lower when taking MCT oil before the workout. So less acidification, more power and better breathing.

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