Een keto friendly MCT ijskoffie ketogene ijskoffie ijsklontjes zoet zomer koffie lekker heerlijk
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A keto friendly MCT iced coffee

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

An easy and fairly quick way to take MCT oil with coffee while still tasting great. We are going to explain how and why you do this with the ingredients. With the MCT filled ice cubes made from coffee you get a healthy boost.

Why MCT?

MCT oil contains medium chain, which therefore falls under healthy fats. These fats will transfer the sugar to the muscles faster, making it much easier for you to maintain muscle mass. It will also help with weight loss because of an inhibition in your appetite. In addition to physical benefits, you will also get an improvement in your focus and concentration. Also, the energy you get from it is a big advantage.

Making the MCT ice cubes of coffee.

A fun and tasty way to take the MCT oil is by making Butter Coffee. You do this by making coffee with MCT ice cubes and putting them in almond milk. We will now explain the process of making those ice cubes. You will also need a mixer or shaker and an ice cube tray.
Almond milk/coconut (can also use plain water)
Iced concentrated coffee
Cinnamon powder
Vanilla extract
Coffee cream
MCT oil (C8 or C8/C10 blend)
A fruit flavor (optional)
Everything should go into the mixer or shaker. First you put 120 ml almond milk in the shaker or mixer. When you have done that, put 15 ml of Iced coffee in it. You also add a very small amount of cinnamon powder. If you want, you can also add a little vanilla extract to make it tasty. Carefully add 75 ml of coffee cream. And then to top it off the MCT oil goes in. Just like the coffee cream, 75 ml of it goes in here.
The next step is to mix everything you currently have in the mixer or shaker. This goes fairly quickly, so you shouldn't shake or mix too hard, otherwise the cream will turn into whipped cream. When this is done, the mix will go into the ice cube tray. You do this by slowly filling the mix into the holes. When this is done, the ice cube holder can be placed in the freezer. Then wait 1 to 1.5 hours. During this time, the mix should freeze. If this is not the case, wait another hour or turn down your freezer. When it's done you can take the blocks out. But we recommend putting 2 or 3 of the coffee ice cubes per glass and adding cold or warm almond/coconut milk.