7 tips om mediteren te leren voor beginners slaapmeditatie beter slapen wat helpt om beter te mediteren
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7 tips to learn to meditate for beginners

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

You will undoubtedly know it: meditation. Where this used to be seen as something vague, it is now part of a healthy lifestyle for many people.

By means of meditation you try to turn your attention inwards. You try to become aware of your thoughts and let them run free. You can experience many positive effects of meditation, such as more peace, balance and more insight into yourself. This is also scientifically proven. Sounds good, right?

Unfortunately, it is not that simple for everyone to experience the positive effects of meditation. Some get frustrated, can't find peace, feel like they're wasting time, you name it. That is why we have listed 7 meditation tips for you. So don't get discouraged, with a little patience and practice you can master meditation in no time! Try it out.

1. Meditate without expectations

You don't have to achieve anything or meet certain expectations when you meditate. Let it go and go into it with an open mind. You can't do it right or wrong, just do what feels good! Then you will automatically experience positive effects.

2. Sit comfortably

Find a position that is comfortable for you. You don't have to be in a perfect cross-legged position; just sit where you want. If necessary, use a cushion so that you are sitting on a soft surface.

3. Set a timer or alarm

Are you easily distracted? Do you tend to look at how long you've been working or how long you 'have to'? Then set a timer or alarm. This allows you to give yourself those 10 minutes (or how short/long you want of course) to rest without having to keep an eye on how far you've come.

4. Don't try to stop or change your thoughts

It is normal for your head to be full of thoughts. You are not supposed to actively try to stop or change it. Just let them go. Just try to notice them, do nothing else with them.

5. Start small.

Meditation takes practice. You don't have to meditate for half an hour or even an hour right away. Start small, just try to meditate for a few minutes at the beginning. This can also be enough to experience positive effects!

6. Try different forms of meditation

Everyone is different. The classic form of meditation, on a cushion with your eyes closed, does not work for everyone. So try another form of meditation! Everything exists, such as breathing meditation, walking meditation, guided meditation, etc.

7. Be patient!

It is completely normal that you do not master meditation within a few days. Keep persisting and practicing. Patience is a virtue!

We hope that these tips will help you get started with your meditation practice. Would you like to read more about health, fitness and nutrition? Then take a look at our other blogposts!