De top 5 Nootropics voor meer focus/energie creatine cafeïne guarana vis olie sporten productiviteit superfoods carnetine
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The top 5 Nootropics for more focus/energy

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

Have you ever heard of Nootropics? The first time I heard of it I thought “this is now typical of Silicon Valley and I will never use it”. It was described as smart drugs that improve your cognitive functions. Yes, it does indeed sound like the light version of that white powder they snort in the Wolf of Wallstreet. A few years later, I suddenly started hearing more and more about Nootropics. From the Biohacker group, the latest Nootropics were increasingly shared with the claim that they are not harmful to you. When I started hearing more and more about it, I started doing research on it myself and after reading and listening a lot about it, I was convinced, I was going to try Nootropics. Here you can read all about the top 5 Nootropics for more focus/energy.

I have now tried several of these cognitive function boosters and here is a selection of the top 5 Nootropics for more focus/energy. These products are worth trying when you need a healthy energy and focus booster. I've tried them right before an exam or thesis deadline, when I had a big pile of work on my desk with a hard deadline, before a sports session and even sometimes at a party. So put away anything that can distract you because we are now going to dive into the world of smart drugs (dumdumdumduummm).

5. Fish oil

Don't you eat fish twice a week? Then you are not alone. The RIVM and the Heart Foundation recommend eating fish twice a week, but 80% of the Dutch do not manage this. Then these greasy capsules will help you. But besides being healthy for your heart, blood pressure and even eyes, it also works wonders for your brain. And that is why it is on my list of favorite Nootropics.

Fish oil helps keep your brain healthy and sharp as you age. But it has also been found in several studies that it drastically improves your fast thinking skills and your memory. You can therefore supplement this with 1 gram of fish oil, omega 3 or krill oil pills per day.

4. Caffeine

Cupplements Favorite Nootropics, Caffeine. Of course we often hear scary stories about this, people with stomach, heart and intestinal complaints who have to go to the doctor and have a surplus of caffeine. I also sometimes took too much pre-workout and I certainly didn't feel sharper then.

So I'm not going to recommend supplementing it here either. When you eat or drink coffee, tea or/and dark chocolate, you're in the right place. It is recommended not to consume more than 400 mg of caffeine per day and a Cupplement contains about 100 mg. So what I wanted to make clear to you is that caffeine in a healthy dose is really great for your focus and energy. It improves your energy, reaction time, and brain functions. So drink in moderation!

3. carnetine

Number 3 of the top 5 Nootropics for more focus/energy. In the timing of supplements blog, talked about Carnetine in that magic mix and here it comes back again. Carnetine is an amino acid that your body produces on its own. It helps with your metabolism and energy production. But if you take a little extra of this, it will enhance the effect. That's why this is my number three favorite Nootropics. When you start supplementing it, you notice that you become more alert, it improves your memory and it inhibits the aging of your brain. So nice stuff.

There are even studies that have found that you can learn new information faster after taking Carnetine daily. Cool, isn't it?

Try to supplement 1000 to 2000 mg per day for the perfect result.

2. Creatine

One of my and many other sports fanatics favorite supplement and also Nootropic. Creatine is the only scientifically based supplement that significantly contributes to muscle growth. It gives your body more energy because it retains more water. It is especially important for vegans to supplement this, since creatine is mainly found in red meat.

But why is it a Nootropic, what effect does it have on your brain and your focus? In people who eat a lot of red meat nothing has been found about this, but in vegetarians it was… In vegetarians it was found that creatine improves your memory and thinkin skills (whatever that may be meant by that). For this effect, take about 5 grams of creatine per day.

1. Guarana

Yes, there it is, the number 1 Nootropic. The number 1 for me personally is the Brazilian berry which is also in Cupplement. What is so nice about this Nootropic is that it contains something else in addition to caffeine, namely thiamine. This ensures that the effect of the caffeine is stretched. You know the short energy boost after a strong cup of coffee or energy drink, after which you also experience an energy trough? The thiamine in Guarana prevents this. You will not have such a huge peak, but you will have more energy and focus throughout the day.

Here they are, if you have any questions or feedback let us know!