De top 3 Nootropics voor het sporten. Nootropics helpen je het maximale uit jezelf te halen. Dit is natuurlijk super belangrijk wanneer je een goede sportsessie hardlopen, fitnessen of fietsen carnetine, Rhodiola Rosea en cafeïne  L-theanine
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The top 3 Nootropics for sports

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

When you go to the gym, do you first take a scoop of pre-workout? Or when you go cycling first a double espresso? Or if you go running a can of energy drink? Which is good, because then you are looking for how you can make your sports session even more effective. But you probably also want these energy boosters to be healthy, right? That there is no sugar in it and not too much caffeine or flavorings. We also. And then we came across Nootropics. These are natural physical and mental boosters that will help you be more productive and have the exercise session of your life. I have tested many of these Nootropics. And there are a few, poooooeeh they give you a lot of energy!! They're going to let you lift more weights and run and cycle harder than ever before. In this blog I share the top 3 Nootropics for sports.

3. Rhodiola Rosea

I'm taking you before the fall of the iron curtain. Europe was split in two, the American part and the Soviet Union part. The Olympics were then extremely important to show that the Soviet Union was the stronger people. So in secret labs, the Soviet Union was testing how to get their athletes to perform at their best. And they were onto something. The Russian athletes won one endurance competition after another. Whether it was running or cycling, no one could keep up with them. This was due to a secret substance that was tested in the lab and then given to the athletes, namely Rhodiola Rosea. It was so secret that the people in the lab were never allowed to tell about it. But of course this was not enough and they came up with stronger and stronger energy boosters until the Soviet Union athletes were disqualified in large numbers for doping.

Now I don't want to sell you doping, but the light variant of it; Rhodiola Rosea. This yellow plant is not on the doping list, but it does provide more energy and less tired feeling. It has grown in popularity in recent years as more and more research is done on it. In 2013 It was found, for example, that cyclists who took Rhodiola Rosea had a lower heart rate and cyclists who cycled faster than placebo. So give it a try and share what you think.

2. Caffeine with Theanine

Have you ever taken a pre-workout with a lot of caffeine in it? Then you have probably also experienced that your heart almost beats out of your throat, you get sweaty attacks and may not even be able to sleep. That is why I am not in favor of pre-workout because of the much too high dose of caffeine. But I am in favor of combining caffeine with Theanine (which is in green tea, among other things).

A study was going to measure the effects of caffeine or caffeine plus theanine are on the concentration. What turned out. The people who took the combination were able to switch between tasks faster and work more concentrated for longer. You also notice the same effect during exercise. You notice the improved concentration and more energy without the negative effects such as heart palpitations, headaches, insomnia and mood swings that you do notice when you only take a large dose of caffeine.

1. Carnitine

We have already discussed this in earlier blogs about the effect of carnitine. This is also number 1 of the top 3 Nootropics for exercise.

You have probably heard the following statement. Your mitochondria are the power houses of your cells. Your mitochondria give your cells and thus your body the energy to put on the best sports session of your life. Carnitine helps to transport the stored fat to the mitochondria to convert it into energy. This can help you burn fat (I would opt for Carnitine Tarate for this) and create energy (for this it is best to take Acetyl L-Carnitine). This is of course a great combination and especially because it happens here at cell level, so your body turns on the motor itself.

And did you know that a combination of caffeine and Theanine is in Cupplement, for more energy and focus throughout the day. So try it now.