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Nutri-score: top of flop?

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

Nutri score: Top of Flop?

Have you heard about the latest idea that the government has introduced for consumers? As far as we are concerned, very useful and cool. It has been developed to make it easier for consumers to choose healthy products. It is comparable to the well-known energy label. This will be introduced in the first half of 2022. Each product will receive a nutri-score between A and E. Here A stands for the healthiest option and E for the least healthy option. You can see at a glance which product is the healthiest option. Of course we already know what score our coffee blends would earn. An A without a doubt because of the vitamins and superfoods with which we ensure that drinking coffee has become a healthy habit.

How are they going to determine when a product scores A,B,C,D or an E? They do this by comparing the bad properties with the good properties of products. The national government includes the number of kcal, sugar, saturated fats and sodium in the negative properties. The more of this there is in a product, the more points are counted for this. So you want a product with as few points as possible to perform optimally in your life. On the other hand, the properties of products that keep your body fit and healthy are deducted from the points. So here you want to score as high as possible. You get points for the amount of fiber, protein and fruit and vegetables in the product. The table below is an example of a product that scores an A. The criteria have also been added for the various nutri-scores.

Will you soon see anutri-score in the store on every product in 2022, you can now explain to everyone what it stands for.