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3 useful tools to increase your productivity

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

You wake up, make your favorite coffee and open your laptop. You will start a productive day with full conviction. But where do you start? You're not the only one who sometimes struggles with this. Due to the many tasks that run through your head or the ever-growing to-do list, it is often difficult to get through this effectively. Fortunately, there are handy tools that can help you have an extra productive day!

1. Writing out your thoughts

The first and most important step for a productive day is to write out the things that are on your mind. You will notice that when you put all the things that are in your head that you have to do on paper, you will stay less in your head. What will surprise you is that sometimes it is not that bad what you have to do in one day! Is there a complete list? Don't panic, we also have handy tools for that!

Tooltip 1: Your agenda

It sounds logical, but always write down important tasks with a tight deadline in your agenda immediately. Let your calendar remember it so you can save your time and brain capacity for more fun things!

Tooltip 2: To-do-list app

I myself use the app Todoist to write down activities that come to mind . It is a simple and easy to use app where you can also check off your tasks once you have done them. By storing all ideas here, you always have them at hand and you can easily see what you still have to do.

2. Set your priorities

Now that you have all your activities and thoughts on paper (or digitally), it's time to structure them. By comparing your agenda and (digital) to-do list at the start of each day, you can prioritize your activities. In the beginning you will notice that you may have a huge list, but if you keep using this system regularly you will see that the list will become less and less as you work more productively on your tasks. in

Golden tip: the 2 minute rule: does a task take less than 2 minutes? Then do this right away! These tasks take so little time that doing them right away is more effective than writing them down and recalling them later. It will take some getting used to, but it will eventually make you a lot more productive!

3. Work in projects

What you may notice is that many tasks and activities are related. It can then be useful to combine these activities and carry them out one after the other. This helps you to better focus on a specific project. I often divide my day into projects such as online marketing, content creation or website and I link the tasks to that specific project. I then take a break between each project so that I set a clear boundary before starting the next activities. This gives you peace of mind and extra structure in your day, making you even more productive!

Tool Tip 3: Trello

Trello is an online application that allows you to easily create a visual board and create lists for different projects. Within each project you can create and drag cards for each to-do/activity that belongs within that project. A handy way to keep an overview of the projects you are working on and the activities that fall within them!


With these tips and tools you can hopefully get through your day even more productively. You will notice that it takes some getting used to, but over time it becomes a routine and the tools help you enormously!

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