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The top 4 hair supplements

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

Have you ever looked for her supplements? Then you've probably landed in a net of lurid sites with weird stuff and huge claims "swallow this for three days and go from bald to a full head of hair". Maybe this has also curbed your faith in working hair supplements, it certainly did for me. Until a few years ago I suddenly noticed that both my hair and nails started to grow a lot faster and also looked very healthy. What would I have done differently? I suddenly started taking a new supplement and without my intention it had a huge positive effect on my hair, skin and nails. This brought back my faith. Then I started scouring the internet and tested dozens of supplements. Below you will find my top 4 favorite hair supplements.

1. Vitamin E

We start with the basics, namely your scalp. Many women use vitamin Eoil and smear it on their scalp. This prevents a flaky scalp. I just take vitamin E pills myself. In addition to being good for your scalp, this also helps prevent hair loss and makes your hair look shiny and shiny. In addition, some studies have also been done, which have shown that vitamin E prevents splitting of your hair ends and I also hear from many friends around me that it makes their hair look fuller.

2. Vitamin B complex

What are these essential vitamins? In addition to contributing to your energy metabolism, they are also crucial for a healthy look. Research mainly shows that vitamin B helps your hair grow faster and vitamin B also prevents hair loss. For this I first took vitamin B complex vitamins. Nowadays I have switched to Cupplement since vitamin B has already been added to the coffee.

3. Zinc

This was the supplement I mentioned above. After a while I started testing with zinc and I almost saw the effect directly into my nails and hair. Very cool to be able to do that. This is mainly because zinc improves your RNA and DNA production. This affects your hormones and thus your hair.

4. Biotin

It most famous hair supplement. Besides that many women take this for faster growing and healthier hair, this is also an important supplement for healthy nails.

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