Heb je supplementen nodig als je gezond eten? Waarom heb je supplementen nodig? Meer supplementen nodig wanneer je sport en tegenwoordig moderne tijd.
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Do you need supplements if you eat well?

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

That is a question we often get. The Netherlands has one of the most expensive pee in the world, because we don't take in many supplements and urinate again. Do you need supplements when you just eat according to the disc of 5? For us the answer is a resounding AND and here are the 4 reasons why.

4 answers to the question: do you need supplements if you eat right?

1. The high amount of toxic substances in modern society.

If you are reading this blog, chances are you live near a busy road and maybe even work near an industrial estate. You probably use soap with chemicals in it and you sometimes eat food that has been sprayed. Finally, there is also a good chance that you often eat or drink something that is wrapped in plastic and if you live in an older house, the chance of mold is also very high.

The human body has never been so exposed to toxic substances and it is extremely difficult to avoid them. Therefore, taking vitamins, minerals and antioxidants so important. These ensure that your body can remove the toxic substances faster, so that it does not cause permanent damage to you DNA.

2. You need more supplements if you exercise.

When you read this, you are probably consciously working on your lifestyle and you also exercise regularly. You may be asking even more of your body by sometimes working long days and not always getting enough rest.

Research indicates that when you demand a lot from your body and do not always get enough rest, it is extra important to get certain supplements. Mainly for two reasons.

The first reason is having enough energy during the day. This study found that mainly creatine, caffeine and -alanine are important for this.

Second for it to recover after a sports session. They found that carbohydrates, protein powders and EAAs (essential amino acids) are extremely important.

3. The current diet contains fewer nutrients than in the past.

Do you also find an apple or strawberry so deliciously sweet? This is because these have been modified over the years to contain more and more sugar, at the expense of fiber and vitamins. This ensures that people find it tastier, but unfortunately this makes it less healthy. Research into the lifestyle of our distant ancestors also found that their plates were filled with completely different foods that are hardly eaten anymore. This food (such as tubers and much more dark green leafy vegetables) is packed with healthy nutrients, but unfortunately is a lot less sweet.

Also ensure the pesticides make sure there 75% less micronutrients in the soil and in your food sit. Organic food appears to help with this, but the same problem also occurs with the piece of meat or fish that may be on your plate tonight. Research found that farmed fish contain a lot less Omega 3 and vitamin D than the wild fish that were caught in the past.

4. Shipping food causes a decrease in nutrients.

As you may know, the food in the supermarket has come a long way. For example, some apples you see there are 10 months old old! In these days to months, the fruit and vegetables do something called respiration (breathing) is called. This causes the quality of this food to deteriorate, as it slowly breaks down macro and micronutrients. This causes a decrease in taste (try a fresh tomato and one that is on the supermarket shelves), texture, but also the vitamins that are in it. But now I hear you thinking. The cavemen didn't take supplements either, do you really need supplements if you eat right?

Our prehistoric ancestors also took supplements

No, the ancient people didn't have boxes of pills and powders that they mixed with almond milk in a shaker cup, but they were still big fans of supplements. For example, they ate a lot of vegetables that are now seen as superfoods and you may even take extracts in pill form. They also received a much larger amount earth than we do now after washing and cooking mushrooms, for example. Despite the fact that Rens Kroes was looked at a bit crazy about this, this is a healthy thing, because it is full of probiotics.

In addition to vegetables, fruit and soil, the cavemen also ate their meat very differently than we do. Where we do not eat a large part of the animal, the whole animal used to be on your plate. After you had eaten all of this, the bones were also boiled for hours, so that they drank soups that were full of vitamin D, collagen and gelatin. already. Their delicious soup actually contains the same as the joint supplements that you can now buy in the drugstore.

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