vitamine C te veel schadelijk kan je te veel bijwerkingen symptomen welke supplementen
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Too much Vitamin C?

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

With the fall in temperatures and the onset of winter, many people will have thought about getting some extra vitamin C. An extra glass of fruit juice, some extra vegetables in the evening meal or taking a vitamin pill. But can you also get too much vitamin C while trying to arm yourself against the cold winter months?

How much vitamin C should I take?

The recommended amount

The recommended daily amount for (young) adult men and women is 75 mg of vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid. Children should consume an average of 20 to 40 mg of vitamin C.

When should I take extra vitamin C?

Onestudyof 31 studies found that the taking 1000 to 2000 mg can shorten the length of a cold or flu. Vitamin C caused an 18% reduction in children, while adults got rid of their disease 8% faster. This increased dose can be taken at the onset of the disease and until the symptoms disappear.

Can you take too much vitamin C? And what are the side effects of too much vitamin C?

Experts are not (yet) sure about the upper limit that can be set for vitamin C. Taking in too large a dose of vitamin C is made very difficult by your body. Your body ensures that the surplus is easily separated into the urine and simply discharged into the toilet. However, an increased intake of vitamin C can in some cases cause intestinal problems such as cramps and diarrhea. These symptoms occur in people with irritable bowel syndrome, or when a high dose is taken for too long.

In short

It is almost impossible to get too much vitamin C because a surplus is simply discharged by your body. There could only be some intestinal problems in small cases. Temporarily increasing your vitamin C intake is therefore very useful and virtually harmless. Due to the considerable reduction in the length of illness in adults and especially in children, an extra dose in times of illness is well worth it.

Eat a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, take an extra vitamin C pill or a cup of our vitamin C-enriched immunity blend, and experience all the health benefits of vitamin C without worry.