Wanneer kan je het best welke supplementen nemen timing vitamine pillen ochtend ontbijt slikken avond na het sporten
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When is it best to take which supplements?

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

Would you also like to get the most out of your supplements? Then timing is extremely important. For example, some supplements cannot be absorbed by your body if you do not take it with food, while with other supplements it is almost mandatory to eat something with it. Some supplements are best taken in the morning or after exercise and others in the evening. Read all about the ideal timing of supplements here


Let's start with the vitamin that is currently the only one added in Cupplement , namely all water-soluble vitamins including vitamin B en C (and also multivitamin). These vitamins will help you the most when you take it in the morning. Why? Since these vitamins affect the processing of your food, your metabolism and the removal of toxic substances. So if you take them in the morning, you will notice the effect with all meals that you get more energy from them, that less of the food is stored as fat and your skin will also become beautifully smooth.

Another famous vitamin is the D. It is also best to take this vitamin early in the day. When you take it at the end of the afternoon or in the evening, research has shown that you can sleep less well. Read more about the timing of supplements after exercise.

After exercise

Did you have a good workout? Great, then here comes a whole laundry list of supplements that you should take as soon as possible. So run to the cupboard and pull open the lids on the following supplements. You fish oil pills, protein powder, caffeine pills (or just coffee or Cupplement), salt, glucose and fructose. so much?? Yes. After exercise you want to get as much glucose and fructose into the muscles as possible. Your muscles are calling for this, to recover so quickly and the more it receives, the happier it is. And the faster it recovers, the more energetic you will feel. But there are only 3 buses that go towards the muscles, so unfortunately many of the carbohydrates can't go along and are then stored as fat. That's why the superheroes omega, caffeine and salt are needed. These ensure that there are more buses and that all the carbohydrates get into the muscles and nothing is stored in your stomach.

And do you want another aftersport bonus tip; Take carnetine, creatine and lucine at the same time. Research has shown when you take that, that even when you don't train you received 1 kg of muscle extra, as a gift. Because this cocktail of three supplements will turn you on Mtor. Which ensures that you develop new muscle cells. So when you have just exercised, you already want to take this all the way.


We come to the end of the day and the end of this article. There is only 1 supplement that is best taken in the evening, namely magnesium. This will greatly improve your sleep quality.

Look, now you know exactly how to organize your day. Have fun with your health.