Praktische tips om je productiviteit te verhogen wat is betekent productiviteit concentreren afleiding fysiek telefoon flow elektronische
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Practical tips to boost your productivity

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

What is productivity

You probably recognize it too. That one day you are studying or working and that it all goes very quickly and smoothly, but that the next day it all suddenly takes much longer than planned and you do not remember anything you have read. That's why you get tips here to increase your productivity.

Last month I read the book Flow en Deep work read. These gave me fantastic insides on how to get into a concentrated state. A state where you get a lot of good work done. Since then I have used the tips from this for everything and I am very satisfied with the result. So listen and shudder. If you are also curious about how you can get the same work done in half the time from now on.

Both books mentioned above are actually about focus and the cool thing was that in both books 1 point is central. They're talking about Carl Jung and Michelangelo to Michael Jordan. They say there is one thing that is central to all of them that has made them excel at what they do. This is the tip to increase your productivity. And this one point is not a distraction.


This may sound obvious, but in today's society the opposite is apparent. Continuous push notifications, messages and being distracted because you have a (much too cozy) joint workplace. All this does not help to get into the zone (into the flow). In fact, one study found that people who were stoned got their work done faster than sober people who are distracted every five minutes. It also turned out that with a short distraction, for example already 1 look or sound from your phone, it takes one hour and fifty minutes to get back into utmost concentration!!! Wow.

The two books read explain in detail how you can physically and electronically avoid this possible distraction. I have been using this for the past month. As a result, I got a lot more work done in a lot less time. So here are the tips to increase productivity.


You can divide your electronic shutdown from distraction into distraction from outside and inside.

Outside includes the notification and messages you receive from the world. This way too common distraction is easy to avoid. Namely turn off all push messages you receive, unsubscribe from all newsletters that you never read anyway (except those from Cupplement< /a>) and put your phone on airplane mode (what the writer of Flow with the difficult name recommends is to put your phone on airplane mode for 50 minutes and if you think about it then turn it back on for 10 minutes. You will notice that when you are concentrated, two hours suddenly fly by without you looking at your phone).

The second point is from inside. These are all the jitters you have when you sit in front of your computer looking up things online that don't interest you. If what the new men's hair trend of 2020 is, yes I looked this up last month…. I now try to prevent this in two ways; more offline works for example oldskool with parchment and a feather and the Google Chrome extension Stayfocus (which ensures that you can not go on social media between certain times).


If you ever work in a coffee shop, a shared workplace or just at home while other people are at home suddenly bursting into your room, you know how distracting that is. That is why it is also important to prevent this by turning off the physical push notification switch. Carl Jung really took this to the extreme. He built a large house in the middle of nature that no one could reach, where he could work alone. I (and probably you too) are taking this a little smaller. By having a room where you do nothing but study with a door you close. And hang a note with do not disturb when you are disturbed a lot, of course you can also apply the 50/10 rule here.

And a bonus tip for the enthusiasts; namely make sure that there is no multitasking in that room. Multitasking or the art of brassing up several thing at once is something you really want to unlearn if you want to be productive. Your brain cannot focus on several things at once. That is why it is important that next time you plan a block where you only do one thing for a certain time (so no listening to music at the same time).

After completing that one task, you can take a short break and then start on the next task. If you really want to go to the next level, plan these blocks in advance. With this bonus tip you will really notice that you get a lot of things done in an hour. In addition to the above tips to increase productivity, there is one last tip to increase your productivity. Namely a coffee blend that will increase your productivity, buy it here.