Geef je fast een boost; vetfasten/ keto fasten intermittent
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Boost your fast; fat fasting/ keto fasting

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

You have probably seen it pass by or maybe you do it too, intermittent fasting. You do not get any calories for a long period of time and this brings many health benefits, read there lose-weight/" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">here more on this. But if you've been doing this for a while, it can get boring and you may also notice that the effect diminishes as your body gets used to it. When you fast for months in a row, your metabolism will slow down after a while, so you burn fewer calories. When you notice that you hit a plateau when fasting, you can switch it to a new way of fasting. Here you give fast a boost; through fat fasting. It's not that you don't get fats here, but you do. Only!! Why do you want to do this, how can you best tackle this and when do you want to do this, we will talk about that in this blog.

There is no specific rule for when you have to do something other than the normal way of fasting. But what I see a lot online is that after about 3 months of fasting you have to switch it. I myself stop fasting when I notice that the results are less fast, that I can set fewer records in the gym, feel less focused or lose fewer calories. Then I switch from intermittent fasting to a short period of maximum 2 weeks of, fatfast. Now you may be thinking, what can I eat that only contains fats, avocados. No, even avocados contain carbohydrates and proteins. So with food it is very difficult to make something that only contains fats, impossible even unless you are going to eat bites of butter (nomnomonom). But fat fasting is possible if you make it drinkable. Here you can, for example, put mct oil or ghee in your coffee and coconut oil in your tea. I myself sometimes have for a while and this probably doesn't make you very warm, drinking shots of olive oil every morning. It didn't give me diarrhea, but some stomachs don't cope well with this.

How to fast fat/keto fast

So there are many different options and different fats that you can get here. When you have a longer fast than just a few hours in the morning, it is also nice to get all these different fats. That you take MCT early in the morning, because these fats are absorbed the fastest and produce ketones the fastest. After that, you want to get polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, such as olive oil, macadamia oil or avocado oil. You can also do this in your coffee or tea. At the end of your fast you want to get saturated fats like coconut oil.

When you do this for a while instead of your normal fast, you can then go back to fasting where you get no calories at all. But the cool thing is that this fast with fats has reset your metabolism and you will notice that when you start fasting normally again, you suddenly get much more results, that you feel as sharp again as when you just started fasting or that you lose pounds as quickly as before. So give your fast a boost; fat fasting