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What does thiamine (vitamin B1) do?

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

Do you also find it so unclear what function which vitamin has? This blog gives you clarity about all the benefits of thiamine. We do not suck the information from our thumb, but comes from scientific literature. It is explained at the end where the is all in it so that you will never get a shortage of this vitamin.

Energy metabolism

Thiamine plays an important role in releasing energy for your body. It is a vital supporter for the production of enzymes. huh? Let me explain, those are those substances that ensure that your food is broken down and absorbed. A strange but telling comparison is that of chopping wood. The blocks of wood are originally too big for the wood stove, but by chopping them into pieces they fit. And this makes it possible to use it to heat your home. An enzyme can be compared to that axe, it ensures the 'cleaving' of food so that the body can use it. And you can compare thiamine with the handle of that axe. It is an essential part of the enzyme (the ax).

Nervous system

Perhaps you remember the disease beriberi from history lessons? Humanity has been plagued by it for a long time, but luckily we now have the solution: Thiamine (vitamin b1). Thiamine fulfills all kinds of important functions in supporting the brain. As a result, a deficiency of vitamin B1 can cause unpleasant complaints. The cases of beri-beri involved muscle paralysis, numbness in the legs and heart complaints. It can also cause depression, concentration problems and memory loss. No fun and therefore certainly not a pointless vitamin that thiamine.

Which food contains vitamin B1?

This important vitamin cannot be missed in our energy focus blend. It also occurs in bread and grain products, potatoes, vegetables, meat and meat products, milk and dairy products. Eating an old-fashioned Avg (potatoes, meat and vegetables) is therefore not such a bad idea.

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