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What is vitamin D?

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

What is vitamin D in?

Vitamin D is found in products such as mackerel, herring and salmon. These are all examples of oily fish products. So oily fish is very healthy! Other examples of products are eggs and meat. Many people in The Netherlands have a vitamin D deficiency, which is why it is added to the margarine you spread on your bread in the morning. So you can start every dayhealthy. But can you get too much vitamin D? Read on for the answer.


Too much vitamin D?

Is this at all possible?  It is indeed true that an excess over a long period of time can have unpleasant consequences. However, the maximum acceptable limit of vitamin D is set at 100 micrograms. Unless you eat vitamin D supplements like candy, you'll never get this amount. So don't worry about too much. Unfortunately, a shortage is very common. Read more about it below.  


Why vitamin D?

Even if you eat very healthily, there is a good chance that you have a vitamin D deficiency. This can be recognised by the first symptoms, such as difficulty getting up from a chair or climbing the stairs. Vitamin D prevents osteoporosis and, if taken in sufficient quantities, preserves muscle strength. Vitamin D is in your diet, but you only get 1/3 of your daily requirement with it. So how do you get the rest? The main source of vitamin D is the sun. Our body produces vitamin D through sunlight. Now in times of covid, people are less likely to be outside and in the sun. Then it is wise to take extra vitamin D. Vitamin D contributes to a better resistance and a strong immune system. For these reasons, vitamin D has been added to the Immunity Blend.