Vitamines uit je koffie capsules zijn mogelijk: onderzoek cupplement werkt het eurofins lab
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Vitamins from your coffee capsules are possible: research

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

A common reaction to the idea of ​​combining vitamins with coffee was that such a combination would not be possible. Many people saw vitamins that came out of your coffee capsules and remained whole as impossible. Due to the heat and pressure during the coffee-making process, the vitamins would be broken down. It was also suspected that many of the vitamins would remain in the capsule. The challenge for us is to prove otherwise.

Utrecht University

Two students from the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht have completed an internship for six months to investigate this. They conducted research into the stability of vitamins in coffee. A number of Cupplement samples have been developed for this, and after the coffee-making process, it was measured to what extent the vitamins actually end up in a cup of coffee. This whole process took days of lab work, but they got out. Using an HPLC machine, they were able to measure the amount of vitamin in the cup of coffee. The cup of coffee was made with a Cupplement cup. And… drum roll… the results were positive! Up to 60% of measured input to vitamins turned out to actually end up in the coffee. Vitamins from your coffee capsules are therefore possible. Great results that offer a positive outlook in the further development of the capsules. Now these capsules can also be ordered via this site. The students concluded the internship with a 9 and we with a very happy feeling, a real win-win scenario and thanks again to Hogeschool Utrecht.

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