Welke voedingswaarde en vitamines mist een vegetariër ijzer eiwitten vitamine D B12 omega 3 supplementen tekort
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What nutritional value and vitamins does a vegetarian lack

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

Are you vegetarian? Doing well. Whether you do it for the environment, because you feel sorry for the animals or because little to no meat is healthy for you. They are all good reasons to become a vegetarian. But you have probably also heard from your concerned mother that you should be careful not to miss out on some nutritional value. In this blog we will list the following; what nutritional value does a vegetarian lack and how can you best supplement this. We will of course also see if you can find what you are missing in Cupplement.

What nutritional value and vitamins does a vegetarian lack:

1. Protein

The first thing you want to pay attention to are the proteins. Of course there are a lot of proteins in meat, fish and chicken and you miss this as a vegetarian. You will not find these proteins to this extent in vegetables. Fortunately, there are many proteins in legumes, nuts and meat substitutes. These are of course different types of proteins than in animal products, but despite that, these proteins will also help you keep your muscles strong and build body cells.

2. Iron

Secondly, we are going to talk about iron. Iron is abundant in fish and beef, but fortunately also in vegetarian products. However, this is the nutritional value that many vegetarians are deficient in. Iron supplements are often not recommended, as you can quickly get too much of it and that can be dangerous as your body has a hard time excreting it. Just eat enough spinach, legumes and whole grain products and you will not suffer from an iron deficiency.

3. Vitamin B12

Come onvitamin B12. This is found in all animal products, including eggs and yogurt. Yet this is the vitamin that most vegetarians are deficient in. A deficiency of this can cause a tired feeling and sometimes even dizziness. Supplementing this works very well, including with Cupplement. Here your RDA for B12 is simply in your cup of coffee.

Finally, we come to two more greasy things.

4. Vitamin D

The first is vitamin D. This is already a vitamin that many of the Dutch are deficient in. But especially vegetarians, since this fat-soluble vitamin is mainly found in fish. It is definitely recommended to supplement this. We are also conducting research into this with Cupplement. In the meantime, you can eat and drink milk, tofu, various mushrooms, cereals and fresh orange juice like crazy.

5. Omega 3

Finally, Omega 3, of course. This is also in fish and so you miss it as a vegetarian. You can also supplement this, because nowadays you also have vegetarian omega 3 supplements, made from sunflower oil. In addition, there are also products that you can get omega 3 from, including seaweed, soybeans, seeds, kernels and nuts.