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What is Guarana?

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

Origin of Guarana powder

A long time ago, very far from here (in Brazil) there lived in the Amazon one divine child. One day he hopped through the jungle in search of berries to eat. Suddenly a huge slang in front of his nose. The child looked up in terror, but before he could do anything, the serpent snapped and killed the divine child in one bite. Later that day, when the child's parents found him dead in the jungle, they took out his eyes and buried them. From the buried eyes grew the first Gauranabessen, which according to the Brazilians have a divine effect.

What is Guarana

Just like in coffee, there is also in Guarana caffeine. But because it is accompanied by tannin people are much more positive about the operation. When you alone caffeine you will feel an energy boost and after about an hour you will notice that you have less energy. Which means you walk to the coffee machine again for the next cup of coffee. But the tannin ensures that the caffeine slower is recording. This will allow you to do more throughout the day focus in energy feel, and therefore also be able to fall asleep after a cup of coffee, but without the energy drop afterwards. In addition to being in South America a lot energy drinks have full of the Guarana berries, it is also used by many people for weight loss. The alkaloids ensure that you are full for a long time without actually containing calories. In addition, the theobromine in theofylline in the Guarana berries sure stored body fat is converted into energy, which further enhances the waste process after drinking Guarana.

Guarana Side Effects

In addition to the benefits of Guarana, are there also dangers or effects of taking crushed Guarana berries? With normal dosage of Guarana berries there are no side effects. A normal dose is up to 250 milligram. If you ingest too much of it, you may experience symptoms such as palpitations or nervousness. These are the same side effects as living on

. So don't drink too much coffee or too much Guarana and get the most out of yourself with the right amount.