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What is MCT oil?

Florian Fermin
Florian Fermin

Bulletproof coffee®

Cupplement we came up with during sports. We, Stefan and Florian, were sparring over bulletproof® coffee. This drink gives a lot of energy and is very popular in America. We were brainstorming about the health benefits and whether there were more applications of adding superfoods to coffee.


Benefits of MCT oil

Bulletproof® coffee contains coconut oil and coconut oil consists of more than half of MCT fats. Should this be just the ingredient that gives you that energie boost after drinking bulletproof® coffee. MCT oils are medium-chain fats and thus fall under the healthier fats. An awful lot of studies have been done on these fats. Multiple studies have shown, for instance, that it brings sugars to muscles faster. This way, you maintain more muscle mass and it helps you lose weight because it inhibits your appetite. Also, MCT oil is good for your immune system and it helps you focus and remember things better. But the reason it has become so popular in combination with coffee is because MCT fats are absorbed faster by the body. Hierdoor krijg je er sneller en meer energie van dan je de andere gezonde vetten met een langere keten aan het eten of drinken bent.


Quantity of MCT Oil

Because they are fats, they naturally contain calories, so try not to go all lel on them. A healthy amount would help you make the most of them. Pure fats leave you feeling full incredibly quickly, so it's hard to get more than the healthy amount of fats in. Now I might hear you thinking, but I can easily eat 30 Snickers in a row, there are fats in those too, right? Yes there are, but the combination of fats with sugars and carbohydrates means you can easily eat a lot more. Luckily, those unhealthy goodies are not in our healthy coffee. 


What is MCT C8

MCT oil C8 is the best, purest but also the scarcest form of MCT. Studies show that C8 contains the most ketogenic oil, meaning it bypasses the digestive tract and goes directly to the liver, thus converting it directly into ketones, or energy. 

MCT has a neutral flavour and it comes from sustainably manufactured coconuts.

Most MCT oils are a mix of different MCT forms, making it less well absorbed. The one from Cupplement is 100% C8, so it goes through you perfectly: